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Vadsola Ceramic – an offerWall Tiles was established to introduce ceramic tiling solutions in the industry. A company firmly established on the values of professional excellence, design quality and transparent functions, Vadsola Ceramic has its soul set in heralding new tiling trends that suit the need of the industry with keeping comfort, practicability and space utilization in mind.

Bringing years of experience and expertise in to the practice and with smart amalgamation of creativity and technology, Vadsola Ceramic churns collections that are always in vogue. More than tiles they are artistic representations that fulfill the designing desires of the customers.

Products that take form after comprehensive R & D backed by stringent quality processes, tiling solutions from Vadsola Ceramic can compete with international brands of Italy and Spain. An eco-conscious company at the heart, the company takes great care in maintaining Vadsola's equilibrium and adopts un-polluting practices. Also dedicated towards maintaining best relationship with both clients and employees.

Mr. Bhargav Vadsola
+91 90999 99567

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We believe in making our products better for our customers.
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